"Many Australian artists paint images of a broad arid land under a hot sun. Perhaps they will show animals congregating under the shade of a group of trees by a salt pan or a cluster of homes will be depicted in the haze. Such artists are evoking scenes of a land they love and in most instances the subject will of course be Australia. Lindsay Gardam however, is an Australian artist whose focus is seven thousand kilometers to the west - his interest being the landscape and culture of Africa. Lindsay first visited that continent in 1969, travelling mostly through Zimbabwe and South Africa and was enthralled to the degree that he remained there for four years and married an African woman, Senzeni, who remains his greatest fan.

In 1990 he returned and has been back almost every year since usually for the winter. Most recently he has been exploring Botswana, a place he describes as 'Africa's most stable and well managed country'. He hopes to establish a studio by the beautiful Chobe river so he can watch the deep red sunsets, and observe the elephants, hippos and lions which gather there. Lindsay sells his art in both Africa and Australia and now has prints made from several of his popular images.

There seem to be two distinct themes running through his art - that of the land with its abundant wildlife and that of the traditional culture of the people. Whether hunter stalking prey or a simple domestic village scene, these paintings clearly evoke a place and a culture the artist loves."

— excerpt from feature article "Out of Africa", Art & Framing Profile, Issue 13, Winter 1999

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