I paint from the heart, from my intuitive self, inspired by the colors, textures and shapes of nature. A walk in the New Mexico woods offers an ever-changing landscape of flowers, leaves, mesas, boulders, and clouds that blend into my art. These natural pathways open to the feminine archetypes and goddess figures that occasionally appear on my paper in vivid colors. My love of music and playing the piano help me arrange a painting, the way music is composed, incorporating staccato, legato, and rests.

What happens when water and pigment meet is the magic of this medium. The "happy accidents" that really encourage the artist to "go with the flow", to sometimes "let the painting paint itself". Depth is created over time with rich layers that encourage the viewer to see a story or imagine one's own. It's a patient process that allows the painting to evolve and go deeper.

I paint for the healing and joy the process brings, as well as for the beauty and inspiration a work of art can bring to the world. I teach in the hopes that others will find their own pathway to creative expression.

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