This coffee table book is printed on rag paper
and bound just like the books you find in a museum store.

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This is another gem in my collection of Frank Webb books! There is no painter who understands shapes, design, value and entertaining the viewer more than Frank Webb. His works are pure joy.
Michele Izzo

The publication of this magnificent book by a most inspiring and beloved master, is a priceless gift to the art of watercolor, and a great tribute to the world of art.
Cheng-Khee Chee

The visual world, chaotic, disorganized and confused, enters Frank Webb's studio, spends a little time and leaves vastly improved.
John Salminen

Frank Webb has given us a book that records his influence on the medium of watercolor and exudes enthusiasm, unexpected color, inventive design and heart.
Barbara Nechis

Frank Webb made me the artist within. He is the ultimate teacher and I am blessed to have him as my guide and friend. I know you will find him the same way.
Ratindra Das

The riotously colorful, rambunctiously vivid, almost wild watercolors of Frank Webb depict traditional, mostly workaday scenes () but as seen through the prism of the artist's vision, which as he says, "goes beyond what is, to what ought to be." One of the most fascinating qualities of these woks, aside from their pure visual appeal, is the way in which an apparently tightly controlled, masterful technique is employed to create the impression of such freedom and spontaneity.
Christopher Faris, The Manchester Journal


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