DVDs by Frank Webb
Frank Webb on Watercolor (DVD)
This presentation is perfect for beginners to advanced artists. Here Frank Webb offers a wealth of knowledge. Originally made as a motion picture and transferred to video and later to a DVD, it is augmented with original music. It includes two demonstrations and a commentary on several finished paintings. 60 minutes.
Frank Webb’s Using Your Head, Heart & Hand (DVD)
Frank breaks down this DVD into eight learning chapters that cover, Direct Painting, Wet Into Wet, Color Patching, Easel Drizzling, Calligraphic Painting, Layering and Darks First. Using his step by step procedure will impart valuable lessons for every artist wishing to improve their painting skills. 114 minutes.
Frank Webb’s Painting by Design (DVD)
Eight learning chapters show you how to design your painting. Frank clarifies the seven elements of design by discussing them as nouns. Then he deals with the verbs of painting, the ideas with which we activate the nouns. 15 words are presented as the key to the design process. (Emphasis is on design). 119 minutes.
Frank Webb’s Expression in Painting (DVD)
What you need to get into your painting is you. In these eight chapters Frank deals with empathy, brushwork, color, values, textures and other ideas which enable you to express your point of view. All paintings are portraits of their makers. What we want to see is you, your wit, your pleasure and your enthusiasm. (Emphasis is on expression) 118 minutes.
Frank Webb’s Painting Enjoyable Color (DVD)
In this new DVD Frank Webb completes a demonstration using “damp” paper, “bright colors” and color fusion he calls the “charged wash.” In addition, there is a bonus section with Frank talking about his color and scene selections for several of his finished paintings. 90 minutes.

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