Splash! Liquid watercolor is simple and beautiful. It challenges the painter to flaunt its lovely precipitations and transparencies. A clear watercolor wash on an all-rag paper is akin to the glory of light itself.

All of my work proceeds from on-the-spot graphite drawings made during travel to 50 states and 23 countries. Each drawing is edited, fused with design principles, and used as the model. With large flat brushes and plenty of water I approach the paper in slam-bang initial washes, and end with the caress of a butterfly wing. Fused into the paint is my delight as qualities and relations emerge from the process. Thus, a new reality is re-created which began with observation but goes beyond what is to what ought to be.

My work is modern since it is an improvisation and because the subject of the picture is the picture itself, ie., its composition. By combining subject matter with a bit of abstractionism, I avoid the vacuousness of the abstract doodle or the triteness of the mere pretty picture.

The aim of any work of art is to put the beholder in touch with qualities which are normally absent in the everdayness of life. From life’s onward rush through time, a few moments are robbed of their impermanence.

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