Sequence I
Prior to arranging my still life I selected a lime green kimono with a brocade pattern and colorful designs on the sleeves and body. I also selected silver Zoris (dress shoes) to be used with the kimono. I draped the kimono on the right side of a gold colored room screen. I toned Wallace sandpaper with warm acrylic color and used pastel pencil to carefully draw the arrangement. I then placed the darkest values to be used in the painting.

Sequence II
Due to the delicate details in the kimono I started working in the top left corner of the surface, planning to move from left to right and top to bottom thereby avoiding the problem of smudging. Normally I would underpaint the subject, however, due to the excessive amount of detail I proceeded directly to painting. I also added the tasseled rope to the left side of the painting in this sequence.

Sequence III
I continued to expand the kimono design, in effect completing a large section of the kimono except for highlighting and final touches. The silver Zoris were added in this sequence.

Sequence IV
The final section of the kimono was completed. Silver coloring of the Zoris was accomplished and a review of the entire painting was made for touch up and highlighting.
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