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Join fellow art lovers, travel to inspiring destinations, and tap into your creativity …
colored pencil workshop in Italy!

"Tuscan Treasures in Colored Pencil"

Tuscany, Italy (May 15-20, 2022)

Join Kristy Kutch for this extraordinary colored pencil workshop at your own private villa set in the gorgeous Italian countryside. Learn a vast variety of easy-to-implement techniques from the use of color for painterly effects to capturing the stunning Tuscan landscape. Take your sketching to the next level! All of this is while you enjoy delightful excursions, inspiring activities, and delectable chef-prepared meals.

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Learn to Paint Children's Portraits in Watercolor via Zoom!

Children's Portraits in Watercolor with Judy Mudd

2-Day Online Zoom Workshop (December 2-3, 2021)

Learn the steps of the portrait painting process in watercolor. Follow along to paint facial features individually and complete a portrait. Learn how to select colors, paint flesh tones, eyes, noses, etc, simplify clothing, and more. Ask questions, get feedback with pauses for a review of your painting progress. Drawing guides for practice exercises. Recorded sessions are shared with registered students after the workshop.

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watercolor painting workshops in Italy!

Capturing the Magic of Tuscany, Italy

(September 22-30, 2022)

A magical painting and sketching vacation workshop in Florence & Trequanda, Italy with Yuki Hall, TWSA. A trip of a lifetime for artists & art enthusiasts, combining Renaissance art, history, culture, watercolor painting & sketching, Tuscan cousin and wine!

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Judy Mudd Watercolor Painting Workshops via Zoom!

Judy Mudd Watercolor Workshops

Online Zoom Workshops!

Learn this beautiful medium of watercolor from home! Follow Judy, step-by-step, through artistic concept, composition, drawing details, warm-up painting techniques, color mixing and the entire painting process to complete your paintings. Reference photos, drawing guides are provided prior to the workshops. Session recordings are downloadable to keep. Workshops are filled with Q&A, discussion and pauses to review individual student work. All student levels welcome.

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Rose Tanner Oil Painting Workshops online!

Color Mixing Bootcamp

Join Rose's online painting workshops and discover how to mix realistic color. Learn how to paint lifelike birds or take an online painting masterclass with a step by step action plan to transform the way you think about color mixing and painting. Beginning/Intermediate Online Oil Painting (Acrylic Welcome). Free Classes and Workshops with instant access. Learn more at rosetanner.com

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Art Workshops and Classes for Kids

Learn at Home with Online Art Classes

These web-delivered courses are interactive with live demonstrations and will help you to improve your painting and drawing skills or inspire you to take on a new medium you have been wanting to try.  Whether you are interested in creating murals or exploring painting with watercolors, oils, acrylics, or pastels, we have an online art course for you!

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art show international call for entries

learn watercolor techniques from Thomas W. Schaller with these video lessons

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