With a background in documentary film, Deborah Whitehouse travels across the country capturing scenes of nightlife in a photographic series that began in New York in 1988, titled "Saturday Night". #SN001
Her background as a filmmaker is evident in her masterful use of lighting. Creating a drama reminiscent of stage curtains being drawn, Whitehouse skillfully directs the eye through the dark spaces of night to subjects aglow in a colorful spectrum of neon and fluorescent light.
#SN002 Her use of long exposures captures images often partly obscured in a blur of activity, an enveloping dimness, or a smoke-filled haze --moments transformed into artful images and immortalized on film.
In familiar situations...
         people trying to fit in, trying to stand out,
         drinking, talking, dancing, smoking,
         "hanging out", playing "wallflower"
a strangeness emanates --a portrait with a facelessness that seems to typify the night.
Deborah is participating in Photo Expo in Paris November 19-22, 1998. The Expo is centered around the Bastille and celebrated in galleries throughout Paris as part of "Mois de la Photo".
#SN004 Selections from the "Saturday Night" series are in The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and over 20 other museum, university, corporate, and private collections. Click here to read Deborah's own insights into her work.

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