It was one of those breezy summer evenings, during the heat wave of 1985, that I sat motionless and pensive on my porch, enjoying the night air, finally escaping the heat of the day. With my eyes closed and slumber approaching, my mind's eye caught a glimpse of my future. Shapes formed and reformed, gradually giving way to exquisitely detailed abstraction, colours blending reason and emotion, dimension and depth —all framed with determination. My autobiography could only be expressed through collage. My road was clear, my journey had begun. Choice never came into it; this was something that had to be done.

Three years later, I embarked on a journey that would carry me from Peking through Mongolia and the old Soviet Union to a city I have yearned for since I was a child, my mythological land Athens, Greece. After a few years, a few waves, my first exhibition was held in Athens. I was overwhelmed at the response to my collage, confirming my belief in my work. I left Greece for Canada in the summer of 1993.

In the spring of 1997, my first exhibition was held in Canada. Again my collage was well received with notable mention in the local newspaper.

My approach to the collage is always highly personal and the memory of the path that has been chosen will continue......

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