Creative watercolor painting is one of the joys of my life, I want my paintings to express the emotions and feelings I relate to in my subjects. Watercolor allows me the opportunity of a swift & spontaneous execution and at the same time conveys succinct brushstrokes that capture important gestures, postures & expressions. I am not so concerned with producing a copy or exactness of a subject as I am enticed to bring to the viewer an interpretation of an intricate personal view/expression of an integral part of a subject.

I feel art is a communication tool and my objective is to bring forth a passion that expresses kinetic energy, bold statements & a lyrical spiritual feeling. I like to depict the personality or essence of a place or subject. My subjects have to move me in a certain way. Although I have a background in design, I consider myself an intuitive & creative artist and never tire of the emotional stirrings that are within this spirit. Beautiful music brings this expression to my paper in a poetic way.

When a viewer/audience is connected to my painting, then I feel the spirit within has found the rightful owner.

"Enjoy Art; it is one of life's pleasures".

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