"Make A Wish"


98cm x 66cm

  copyright © Sunny Nai Sun
  To My Darling Snaggle Puss
  — My Real Truly Invariable Love

We have known each other since our very early childhood. My very Darling Snaggle Puss. Deep down in our heart, we have benn searching for each other and we never want to go any further inside of this world!
About thousands of miles which will bring us to the place where the sunrise dwelt. Where the peace and innocent could be dwelt and respected. And on the hillside our little pretty house with the beautiful cherry trees, fig trees, olives, all kinds of which you like. Most pleasant by the nature. We could wean ourselves from this undesirable world. All the things you want to cherish, I keep, with the very infinite love, with the morning stars.....
(This collage was started in 1993 and finished in 1999.)

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