"The Thin Moon"


98cm x 66cm

To My Darling Snaggle Puss
Yesterday, the Moon was high, just as in our days, My Pure Snaggle Puss. In the utter silence where my heart has been choking with agony. For years and years, I have been waiting for someone to come into my life just like you, My Dearest Snaggle Puss. And this sudden arrival of your immaculate beauty, the extraordinary intelligence of your heart, near me, close to me, around me, scattered all of those long years in man-made calamity. Speak of your gentle and warm nature, entering into my soul, touching me, thinking with me, feeling with me, arresting my whole attention immensely. As long as I live I have You. Ought I not to be fulfilled? I am, only with You, My Devoted Soul-Mate, My Pure Darling Snaggle Puss.
Where will you be this moment? Where will you be all the year around, all the life around?
Today, the Moon is high, just as in our days, My Dearest lonely Snaggle Puss. I have been calling You all over the wild land, constantly......
(This collage was started in 1993 and finished in 1999.)

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