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"Bas-Relief Sculpture Art Workshop in Tuscany, Italy"
June 8-15, 2018

Improve your drawing, painting, and sculpting skills by learning the art of bas-relief sculpture (or compressed form); Also: better story-telling, composition, perspective and anatomy. Geared towards the beginner, but all levels are welcome. We meet in Florence, Italy, to study the Gates of Paradise and other great examples of relief sculpture. Then we travel together to Castelvecchio in the hills NW of Florence to learn surrounded by Nature. We will enjoy the local cuisine; have time for hiking or visiting the river, and watching fireflies after dark. Instructor Kelly Borsheim has been a full-time artist since Jan. 2001 and creates figurative sculpture, paintings, and murals. She wrote a book about her experiences as a street painter in Florence.
Location: Castelvecchio, Italy
Instructor: Kelly Borsheim
Cost: $650, housing not included, but very affordable
Sponsor: Kelly Borsheim
Website, email, 0039-334-245-0129


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