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Artist Residency in the South of France

Artist Residency in South of France (Provence & Luberon)

La Maison de Beaumont offers multi-disciplinary artist residencies. The scenery and beauty of the region, as well as the comfort of the house, provide an ideal setting. Includes: · A fully equipped private apartment with kitchen & bath · A multi-use space that can serve as a studio or a performance and exhibition space · A terrace for relaxation, networking with other residents, meditation, etc.

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plein air painting retreat in Holland

Painting, Nordic Walking & Barging in Holland with Vermeer & Tulip Season!

The Netherlands (March 31 - April 9, 2023)

Experience plein air painting on a small group barging tour through Holland with pastel artist Lisa Regopoulos. Non-painters can experience Nordic Walking with Frank Behrendt, a Nordic Walking expert/instructor and enjoy the many health benefits while sightseeing on foot. Tour museums, local sites and enchanting villages and country sides dotted with windmills. Visit the Rijksmuseum for the first retrospective exhibit of Johannes Vermeer's works.

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Judy Mudd Watercolor Painting Workshops via Zoom!

Judy Mudd Watercolor Workshops

Online Zoom Workshops!

Learn this beautiful medium of watercolor from home! Follow Judy, step-by-step, through artistic concept, composition, drawing details, warm-up painting techniques, color mixing and the entire painting process to complete your paintings. Reference photos, drawing guides are provided prior to the workshops. Session recordings are downloadable to keep. Workshops are filled with Q&A, discussion and pauses to review individual student work. All student levels welcome.

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Judy Mudd Watercolor Painting Workshops via Zoom!

Drawing spaces short course

Villa Pisani, Vescovana, Italy (April 16-22, 2023 and June 11-17, 2023)

Learn or improve your ability to draw on a 5 day course with Andy Siddall at Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin. Andy is a teaching fellow at Edinburgh College of Art and will take you through an adventure in drawing skills. He has two unique talents, a fine eye for architectural detail, and filling his students with confidence. The villa is one of Italy's secret treasures.

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Art Workshops and Classes for Kids

Learn at Home with Online Art Classes

These web-delivered courses are interactive with live demonstrations and will help you to improve your painting and drawing skills or inspire you to take on a new medium you have been wanting to try.  Whether you are interested in creating murals or exploring painting with watercolors, oils, acrylics, or pastels, we have an online art course for you!

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38th Annual Made in California Juried Exhibition call for artists

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