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Watercolor Painting Workshop in Barcelona, Spain

Plein-Air Urban Watercolour Workshops in Barcelona
Year-round (see website for details)

This is an opportunity to enjoy a 5 day plein-air intensive watercolor workshop in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.  Professional artist Paul Raymonde and his wife Angela run an urban painting course in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.  Classes are carefully structured to explain and practice the intricacies of traditional watercolor technique.

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colored pencil workshop in Boone, NC

"Luminous, Lustrous Colored Pencil" (Boone, NC)
October 14-18, 2019

Discover the "pointed potential" of colored pencil with Kristy Kutch, author of Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil, The New Colored Pencil, and the featured artist in 4 instructional DVDs.  Both "traditional" (waxy) and watercolor pencils will be included, with fascinating "painterly" techniques.  Water soluble wax pastels (which resemble larger crayons) will also be featured.  Enjoy an unforgettable workshop in a top-notch studio atmosphere!

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colored pencil workshop in Grand Marais, MN

"Exploring Colored Pencil Potential" (Grand Marais, MN)
June 24-27, 2019

This course focuses on "painting from a point", using a variety of pencils and surfaces to create dynamic paintings.  Products include: watercolor pencils, waxy/oily colored pencils, and crayon-like wax pastels.  Featuring an abundance of free colored pencils and art materials, this workshop is full to the brim with demonstrations and techniques.  Kristy Kutch is an experienced workshop instructor, author, and featured artist on 4 instructional DVDs.

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Painting Workshop in France

French Landscape Painting & Drawing Workshop with Nina Weiss - Périgord Retreats, Dordogne Region, France
August 11 - 20

Workshop #1 sold out! Now offering Workshop #2. We are thrilled to be hosted by Peridord Retreats! Situated in the peaceful countryside, Perigord Retreats offers us beautiful landscapes, cozy accommodations, a fully equipped studio; homemade food, indoor pool, and excursions into the stunning landscapes and medieval towns of the Dordogne and Lot regions. Come paint with Nina: an experienced, compassionate professional fine artist and educator.

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Watercolor Painting Workshops

Judy Mudd Watercolor Workshops (Kentucky and other Locations)

Loosen up and paint in a more expressive style of watercolor!  Judy's relaxed, follow-the-leader teaching approach helps students see as artists, free themselves of constraints, explore their vision for paintings, learn valuable watercolor painting techniques, and be more expressive with their brushwork.  Workshops are filled with daily demonstrations, discussion and individual student attention.  Ranging from 1-4 days, experienced beginners to advanced students welcome.

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colored pencil workshop in Lake Geneva, WI

"Colored Pencil: Delicate to Dynamic" (Lake Geneva, WI)
September 9-12, 2019

Sharpen your colored pencils for workshop fun in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!  Kristy Kutch, a supportive teacher, is the author of Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil and The New Colored Pencil; she is also featured in 4 instructional DVDs.  Create effects ranging from soft, transparent, and aqueous to dense and dramatic.  Bring an extra tote bag for samples!  $290, including a class dinner and snacks.

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Plein Air Painting Workshop at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico!

New Mexico - Ghost Ranch - Plein Air and Studio Painting
October 13-18, 2019

Water media Painting Course - 6 full days with Kathleen Mooney!  Joy and Fulfillment painting the iconic landscape of Georgia O'Keeffe - beginner to advanced level. Northwest of Santa Fe, Ghost Ranch is on everyone's travel dream list - wouldn't it be great to paint it too? Bring home the perfect memory - paintings you have created!  Register today!

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Summer Art Intensives in Philadelphia

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