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Judy Mudd Watercolor Painting Workshops via Zoom!

Judy Mudd Watercolor Workshops

Online Zoom Workshops!

Learn this beautiful medium of watercolor from home! Follow Judy, step-by-step, through artistic concept, composition, drawing details, warm-up painting techniques, color mixing and the entire painting process to complete your paintings. Reference photos, drawing guides are provided prior to the workshops. Session recordings are downloadable to keep. Workshops are filled with Q&A, discussion and pauses to review individual student work. All student levels welcome.

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Plein air workshop in Spain!

Bryan Mark Taylor Plein air workshop "How to build your painting"

Córdoba, Spain (Oct 15 - 19, 2025)

In this oil painting workshop designed for all levels of artists, Bryan will teach you about light & shadow, values, shapes, design, perspective, edges, and colors. Improve your skills, learn specialized techniques, and get plenty of individual attention. It will be a fun and instructive workshop where we will discover the magic of this idyllic city, Córdoba, that holds 4 inscriptions in the World Heritage List.

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Art Retreats in Prague!

artbreakTM Arts Immersion Vacations

Prague and Florence

Enjoy vibrant artistic communities, morning to night, for six creativity-filled days. Your mornings: three hours in an atelier, honing your skills at painting, collage and ceramics. Afterwards you'll browse private galleries and major museums, then fit in some wine tasting and dinner before heading out to savor the absolute best of opera, symphony, ballet, and jazz.

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Oil Painting Workshop in North Carolina

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