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Online Portrait Painting Workshops!

Painting Portraits: From the Fundamentals to Bravura

Online Zoom and Video Download Workshops

Artacademy.com is your online resource for portrait drawing and painting for the beginning artist to emerging professional. Get step-by-step training in the fundamentals of realist portraiture. Learn how to get the likeness and mix accurate flesh tones. Learn and apply the principles of 3-dimensional form and dynamic composition via free lessons, Zoom and Video workshops taught by Michael Britton.

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Judy Mudd Watercolor Painting Workshops via Zoom!

Judy Mudd Watercolor Workshops

Online Zoom Workshops!

Learn this beautiful medium of watercolor from home! Follow Judy, step-by-step, through artistic concept, composition, drawing details, warm-up painting techniques, color mixing and the entire painting process to complete your paintings. Reference photos, drawing guides are provided prior to the workshops. Session recordings are downloadable to keep. Workshops are filled with Q&A, discussion and pauses to review individual student work. All student levels welcome.

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Online Watercolor Classes

Online Watercolor Classes with Tony Conner

Online Classes Are Great for Learning! My online classes include: Weekly Written Class Info Sheet with Drawing Layouts and illustrated Examples; Pre-Class "Homework"; Weekly Critique With Personal Advice and Suggestions; Online Class with Demos, Paint-along Projects, Q&A - Recording of Each Class for Review. Instruction is Comprehensive and Builds on Layers of Skill. You'll be amazed with your progress!

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Illuminated Teapots in Watercolor

Illuminated Teapots in Watercolor

Online class (Mondays, April 22 - May 13)

Learn how to capture the structure and transparency of glass in watercolor. Through demos, discussion, and a step-by-step painting of glass teapots illuminated by bright bulbs, Carrie offers guidance and methodology on painting realistic glass. Students will acquire a solid foundation of painting glass, enabling them to express their creative vocabulary more clearly and effectively.

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Rose Tanner Oil Painting Workshops online!

Painting Birds Online

Join Rose's online painting workshops and discover how to mix crazy, realistic color. Learn how to paint lifelike birds or take an online painting masterclass with a step by step action plan to transform the way you think about color mixing and painting. Beginning/Intermediate Online Oil Painting (Acrylic Welcome). Free Classes and Workshops with instant access. Learn more at rosetanner.com

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Art Workshops and Classes for Kids

Learn at Home with Online Art Classes

These web-delivered courses are interactive with live demonstrations and will help you to improve your painting and drawing skills or inspire you to take on a new medium you have been wanting to try.  Whether you are interested in creating murals or exploring painting with watercolors, oils, acrylics, or pastels, we have an online art course for you!

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