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"Aloha Plein Air painting workshop"
February 7-9, 2023

With aloha spirit, two-time Maui Plein Air - "Best in Show" recipient Randall Sexton returns to Maui to share his passion for painting island style. Randall's three-day plein air workshop is focused on the fundamentals of design and painting while exploring expressive paint application, brushwork and color mixing. The class welcomes all artists (from the advanced beginner to experienced) and is open to other mediums (with experience), while Randall's medium of choice is oil paint. Contrast in values and conceptualizing your finished painting are key and Randall will guide you through the process no matter what your level. Hope you can join us!
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Instructor: Randall Sexton,
Cost: $525
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