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"Loose and Free Watercolor Workshop"
June 22-29, 2025

In this watercolor workshop, I will help you discover new approaches to your works. Values and Color are the two main elements I will focus on and a dramatic sense of design. My personal style is basically a loose and carefree approach. Leaving a lot of the white of the paper, for me, is paramount in my watercolor work. We will work mostly from our own reference photos, in a relaxed studio environment. You can choose which genres best suit your personality - florals, landscapes, structures, etc. Critiques of the work and one-on-one directions will also be a part of this workshop. I hope you will join me in Bruges for this fantastic painting experience.
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Instructor: Rae Andrews
Cost: $3,840 before Nov 30th
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713


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