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"Loose and Free Watercolor Workshop"
June 22-29, 2025

In this watercolor workshop, I will help you discover new approaches to your works. Values and Color are the two main elements I will focus on and a dramatic sense of design. My personal style is basically a loose and carefree approach. Leaving a lot of the white of the paper, for me, is paramount in my watercolor work. We will work mostly from our own reference photos, in a relaxed studio environment. You can choose which genres best suit your personality - florals, landscapes, structures, etc. Critiques of the work and one-on-one directions will also be a part of this workshop. I hope you will join me in Bruges for this fantastic painting experience.
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Instructor: Rae Andrews
Cost: $3,840 before Nov 30th
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713

"Watercolor Painting & Sketching"
August 25 - September 1, 2025

Join Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling in Bruges, Belgium and have a creative life experience. You’ll enjoy inspiring locations such as canals, wind mills, Flemish architecture, daily painting demonstrations, personalized instruction, and encouraging support from Cindy and Theresa. “We show you how to simplify and design your subject, draw confidently, jazz up your colors, paint with serendipity and experiment with new techniques. Create colorful paintings en Plein Air with an emphasis on celebrating your own unique point of view”.
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Instructor: Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling
Cost: $3,840 before Jan 31
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713


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