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"A Sense of Place in Tuscany"
September 4-11, 2024

Join Alison for a week of joyful exploration of Place, in the beautiful city of Cortona. Sitting in ancient squares, by fountains, or in cafes, I’ll show you some simple ways to capture buildings. In markets we’ll talk about how to include figures in your sketches. Overlooking vistas of vineyards and far off hills, we’ll explore how to simplify the scene to focus on important elements and create depth. Drawing and painting on loose pages rather than in a watercolour journal, allows us to loosen up and have fun with experimental techniques and a variety of media. We’ll work with watercolour, pen, ink, marker, on different papers, to create images, which we will curate into a concertina book.
Location: Cortona, Italy
Instructor: Alison Watt
Cost: From $3,790.00 per person all-inclusive
Sponsor: Toscana Americana Workshops
Website, email, 978-407-7127

"Painting Retreat in Sicily, “Spirit, Mind, Body”"
October 27 - November 3, 2024

We invite you to join us in this relaxed, beautiful, historic place. Give yourself this time and space to joyfully become a better painter! The setting of Salinara, with its rustic beauty, farm fresh meals, and interesting excursions provides the perfect environment for our “Spirit,Mind,Body” experience. Your artistic SPIRIT will be recognized, encouraged, and celebrated as you work with other creative participants. Your MIND will be engaged by discussions of Art within the group, and your problem solving skills will be challenged as you are improving your painting ability. Your BODY will be nourished with fresh food, walks, biking, and yoga sessions. The emphasis on this workshop is to help promote skill-building with your painting, regardless of your level.
Location: Marsala, Sicily, Italy
Instructor: Qiang Huang and Suzanne Enriquez Dougher
Cost: From 2000 $
Sponsor: Salinara - Art Farm | Retreat Centre
Website, email


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