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"Sculpture Casting Workshop"
June 22-29, 2024

An exploratory course in the art of casting and mold-making. Learn to cast a relief of your face, torso, feet or hands in plaster gauze with various finishes to create a memorable self-portrait. Fabricate one or more reusable molds in latex rubber, silicone, and polyurethane rubber with mother-molds. Experiment with various materials to cast your forms from the fabricated molds. Assemble cast forms into a cohesive sculpture or a repetitive compositional design. Materials will be supplied. Take home all artwork made. This is a wonderful opportunity to create art in a beautiful setting with gorgeous views, delicious cuisine, accommodating lodging and enjoy the magical atmosphere that is truly special of the Umbria region of Italy. Course taught in English.
Location: Assisi, Italy
Instructor: Sandra Wascher
Cost: 2500 €
Sponsor: Schola Artis Pro Vobis
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