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"Doing What Comes Naturally: A Creativity Workshop"
December 3, 2022

Do you have the urge to make something but don't know where to start? Do you dabble and try different things but aren't getting anywhere? Join Cerulean Collective artist Carol Cole for a series of practical, playful exercises to help you figure out what you like and how to get started doing it. Explore ways to recognize and value your unique, artistic gift. No previous experience required.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Carol Cole
Cost: $80
Sponsor: Cerulean Arts Gallery & Studio
Website, email, 267-290-8791

"Figure Drawing Workshop"
December 10-11, 2022

Advance your figure drawing with Mashiul Chowdhury in this live Zoom workshop! Topic to be covered include skeletal and muscular anatomy and their relation to surface features of the body, proportional relationships of the human form, and the body in perspective. Draw along with Mashiul from photo references and a live model via Zoom. Progress from quick gestural sketches to longer tonal studies with charcoal and pastel on toned paper to develop three-dimensional form. Includes an introduction to figure drawing slide presentation.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Mashiul Chowdhury
Cost: $175
Sponsor: Cerulean Arts Gallery and Studio
Website, email, 1-267-514-8647

"Introduction to Drawing with Graphite"
December 15, 2022

This class will introduce the student to the basic materials and tools needed for learning how to draw with graphite pencils. Whether you are an absolute beginner or returning for a refresher course this one-day class will focus on “How to get started” in using these materials confidently. You will be introduced to a full range of pencil grades and why and when to use them. Through the use of exercises and discussion, we will practice the techniques that can take you to the next level of drawing. This course will touch upon seeing, rather than remembering, shapes. You will learn how to see the world around you differently through these observations and practice.
Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Instructor: Laura Schuler
Cost: $100
Sponsor: Art League of Hilton Head
Website, email, (843) 842-5738

"Portrait Drawing"
Sundays, January 15 - March 5, 2023

Learn to create lively portrait drawings using photographs as inspiration and visual source in this live Zoom class. Draw along with the instructor step-by-step and progress from a solid structural and anatomical foundation to rendering the facial features and surface effects to capturing the personality of your subject. Tips and hacks for making the process go more smoothly will also be discussed including choosing an appropriate photograph, and how to handle hair, as well as changes in the face and head as we age. Weekly sketchbook assignments from photos, life and invention will enhance in-class sessions. Drawing experience is helpful, but not required.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: RA Friedman
Cost: $250
Sponsor: Cerulean Arts Gallery and Studio
Website, email, 267-514-8647

"Create Your Own Coloring Book"
February 1, 2023

Join us and learn about contour lines and how to create a themed coloring book based off of personal photos or images. This is always a fun way to capture special moments and/or create a unique gift! Students should bring $10 cash to pay for materials, which will all be provided for you!
Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Instructor: Debi West
Cost: $50
Sponsor: Art League of Hilton Head
Website, email, (843) 842-5738

"Fundamentals of Drawing"
February 4-5, 2023

Join award-winning draftsman Thomas Schaller in Drawing Foundations. This two-day workshop is an exciting chance for the beginning artist to learn from a master as he introduces you to the essential techniques, concepts, and strategies of drawing, sketching, and composing. Tom will share his favorite tools and materials and explain his process using his sketchbook to capture and explore compositions, subjects, and inspirations. This class welcomes curious beginners and experienced students alike who are looking to strengthen their foundations and learn new techniques. Students of all mediums will hone their foundational skills and discover new ways of incorporating drawing & compositional planning into their artwork.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Thomas W Schaller
Cost: $195
Sponsor: Terracotta
Website, email

"Studio Colombia Art & Eat - Art workshop in South America"
February 14-22, 2023

Join our eight-night art workshop and experience the stunning Caribbean coast from Puerto Colombia (Barranquilla) to Cartagena. Learn the fundamentals of perspective drawing and watercolors and have a taste of Colombian Caribbean food and culture. After an art class, try a "mojarra con arroz con coco" with a cold Colombian beer or an "aguardiente". Paint on the beach just like Gauguin was doing in Tahiti. Enjoy a street food tour, attend cooking demonstrations by local chefs and visit food markets. The price of CAD$ 2850 (around US$ 2220) includes instruction, eight-night double accommodation, all ground transportation, all breakfasts, one lunch, two great suppers including wine, one street food tour, cooking demonstrations, art supplies, and museum entrances. The perfect winter getaway!
Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Instructor: Prof. Yves M. Larocque
Cost: US$ 2220
Sponsor: Walk the Arts
Website, email, 800-611-4789

"Colored Pencils: Delicate to Dynamic with Kristy Kutch"
March 24-25, 2023

Colored pencil is ideal for creating stunning art, all in a portable, non-toxic, neat form. Kristy Kutch is the author of two colored pencil techniques books and is featured in four instructional films. She is a positive, supportive instructor who welcomes students with all levels of experience. With an emphasis on floral art with waxy (non-watercolor) pencils, students will create paintings (as these works are aptly called) on both white and colored surfaces, from velvety to sanded. Effects can range from soft and delicate to richly pigmented. Kristy offers demonstrations, personal attention, and a wealth of information. An array of materials, such as papers, blenders and pencils, will also be given to participants (lunches included). Welcome spring with floral inspiration!
Location: Valparaiso, Indiana
Instructor: Kristy Kutch
Sponsor: The Art Barn School of Art
Website, email, 219-462-9009

"Art and Culture in the Balearic Islands"
April 15-22, 2023

Art and Culture in the Balearic Islands is a plein air painting and drawing retreat on the island of Mallorca, Spain. This is our sixth trip to spend the week at La Serranía near Pollensa capturing the beautiful Mediterranean environment capturing the native species, the sea, sky and rocky coastline. All demos are done in watercolor but you are free to work in the medium of your choice. Learning about the history and culture of the Iberian Peninsula is also part of the workshop in the evenings. There is also guided hiking available.
Location: Pollensa, Spain
Instructor: Meredith Nemirov
Cost: $2850.00
Sponsor: Ridgway Gallery Workshops LLC
Website, email, 970-318-8444

"Travel Sketching and Journaling Workshop"
May 5-12, 2023

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Belgium for seven fun-filled days and capture all the memories on the pages of your illustrated watercolor journal. Famous for Gothic architecture, timber-frame houses, winding canals, and mouthwatering chocolates, Belgium also has a spectacular coastline on the North Sea and is home to world-class art museums. I can’t wait to experience it all – especially the chocolates! There’s something for everyone, and as your instructor, I’ll help you convert all that inspiration into lively sketches that will keep the trip fresh in your mind for years to come. Each day, we’ll sketch outdoors, visiting a wide variety of painting locations, everything from bustling town squares and quaint villages to windswept beaches and historic windmills.
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Instructor: Leslie Fehling
Cost: $3,390 before Nov 30th
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713

"Van Gogh & Cezanne in Provence"
June 8-15, 2023

This retreat will take you to the very places where Van Gogh and Cézanne painted many of their masterpieces. You will be inspired by the rich locations of Arles, Saint Remi, and Aix-en-Provence. Hosts Tali Farchi (NL) and Shay Avivi (IL) are accomplished painters and teachers, providing art instruction to enrich your creative process, they’ll share information about these artists' lives and how they worked. The ArtisTTable has hosted hundreds of artists of all levels and backgrounds. During this retreat, we will stay in the center of Arles giving easy access to this historic city. This all-inclusive retreat boasts delicious meals, exclusive day trips, and lots of art-making. It will be a trip you won't forget.
Location: Arles Provence, France
Instructor: Tali Farchi and Shay Avivi
Cost: $3,100
Sponsor: Artist Table
Website, email, 0031624903316

"Painting in the Dutch Landscape"
June 22-29, 2023

During this retreat to Holland, The Netherlands we will visit the city of Zwolle, founded in 800AD. Its classically designed city center has gorgeous parks surrounded by farmland, wooded areas, canals, dikes, and lots of bikes. Your hosts Tali Farchi (NL) and Shay Avivi (IL) are accomplished painters and teachers, providing art instruction to enrich your creative process. The ArtisTTable has hosted hundreds of artists of all levels and backgrounds. During this retreat, we will stay in the 4-Star Bilderberg Wientjes Hotel. This all-inclusive retreat boasts delicious meals, exclusive day trips, and lots of art-making. You will get the full-local experience that will take you will off the beaten tourist path and be a trip you won't forget.
Location: Zwolle, The Netherlands
Instructor: Tali Farchi and Shay Avivi
Cost: $3,100
Sponsor: Artist Table
Website, email, 0031624903316

"Vibrant, Versatile Colored Pencil"
July 14-16, 2023

This workshop focuses on "painting from a point", using a wide variety of colored pencils and compatible surfaces to create dynamic, vividly-drawn colored pencil paintings. Materials used include waxy/oily colored pencils as well as those remarkable “sleeper” products, watercolor pencils. Surfaces (provided) include papers, boards, even unique sanded papers. Featuring an abundance of free art supplies, this workshop is full to the brim with personal attention, demonstrations, tools, and techniques that are sure to increase your repertoire. Kristy Kutch, C.P.S.A. is an experienced, supportive workshop teacher, the author of two colored pencil technique books and the featured artist on four instructional films.
Location: Portland, Oregon
Instructor: Kristy Kutch, C.P.S.A.
Sponsor: Oregon Society of Artists
Website, email, 503-228-0706

"Painting in a relaxing atmosphere in picturesque Marsala"
October 15-22, 2023

Join watercolor artist Jeni Caruana on the beautiful island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Jeni is an experienced tutor for all levels of artists, from beginners to advanced. She encourages everyone to challenge their boundaries and make new discoveries about their own unique expression. Whether it’s basic techniques to give a firm background, or a nudge into loosening up rigid habits, Jeni gives individual attention and inspiration to everyone in the group. The sessions are taught in watercolour, because it is so portable and easy to use on site, but the principles of drawing and colour apply to all mediums, so artists are welcome to bring whatever they are most happy with. Or to bring something different to experiment!
Location: Marsala, Italy
Instructor: Jeni Caruana
Sponsor: Salinara
Website, email

"Online Figure Drawing via Zoom"
Every Wednesday

An international group meets online via Zoom every Wednesday (check your time zone). Short and long poses, from 5-10 minutes and 20-30 minutes. Each week I invite a new model to pose. There is always some music in the background that I'm sharing too. 2 hours session. No instruction. At the end of the session, we show each other the work. Friendly atmosphere, everyone is welcome!
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Open session hosted by Tali Farchi
Cost: $15 per session
Sponsor: Artist Table
Website, email, 0031624903316

"Painting Music Online"
Every Thursday

“Painting Music” is an intuitive painting and drawing, open session for everyone. No painting or drawing skills are needed. Move your paint as the music tells you... on a canvas or in your sketchbook. I create a one-hour playlist of the different subjects each week. You may paint one painting or 10 or as much as you want. No rules. You may interpret the music as figurative or abstract, anything goes! The camera of your device will be pointed to the working area, so we can also see the progress, and be inspired. After the session, we look at each other's artwork and talk about the process.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Tali Farchi
Cost: $10 per session
Sponsor: Artist Table
Website, email, 0031624903316

"Classical Figure Drawing Foundations"
video course

This methodical eight-week figure drawing course will teach you cornerstone principles for realist drawing of the human form. In this course, American figurative artist Patricia Watwood will introduce the essential components she uses to craft realistic figure drawings. First, Patricia will guide you through learning to use the central axis to establish a dynamic gesture with the pose. Next, she will teach the envelope and block-in, building your perceptual skills to see flat shapes, angles, and distances, and observing light and shadow patterns. Patricia will also lead you through understanding the primary structures of the torso and the basics of proportion, an essential in every figurative artist's toolbox. You will use male and female full-figure pose photo and video references.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Patricia Watwood
Cost: $465
Sponsor: Terracotta
Website, email

"Drawing and Perspective"
video course

Learn with Thomas Schaller as he instructs on how to establish perspective and dimensionality in your work. Thomas W. Schaller AWS NWS TWSA ASAI, is an award-winning artist, architect, and author based in New York City. As a renowned architectural artist, he received a Graham Foundation Grant and was a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. He has authored three books; the best-selling, and AIA award winner, Architecture in Watercolor (VNR – McGraw Hill) The Art of Architectural Drawing (J.Wiley and Sons), and Thomas W. Schaller, Architect of Light : Watercolor Paintings by a Master. (Penguin Random House)
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Thomas W. Schaller
Sponsor: Terracotta
Website, email


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