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"From Drawing to Painting"
Thursdays, March 7 - April 11, 2024

Drawing is integral to all types of painting, but many beginning painters lack the fundamental drawing skills, or the understanding of how best to use them, to serve their painting goals. This combination drawing and painting (all media) class will focus on how to use drawing to create a roadmap to develop your finished work. Observational, measuring, and compositional rendering tactics will be addressed with attention to using positive and negative space and breaking your composition down to basic components. Students then will be guided toward adapting their drawings to paintings in their choice of oil or water-based media. Historical examples will show how painters past and present have used drawing in the creation of their work.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Keith Leitner
Cost: $295
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"Figure Painting: Developing Form and Finish"
Saturdays, March 9 - April 13, 2024

Paint from a life model in poses of varying lengths to develop and refine your figure painting compositions. Extended poses will allow students to adjust and resolve issues of surface, color, and composition. Instruction will cover a variety of topics including glazing, broken color, surface texture, composition and design, the relationship of the figure to the environment, the creation of atmosphere and color harmony, disrupted realism, and open- versus closed-form painting. All levels welcome. Instruction will be geared toward oil, but students are welcome to draw-only, or use other appropriate media, if they wish. Note: Tuition includes a $35 models fee.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: David Wilson
Cost: $330
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"Portrait in Pencil Workshop"
March 23-24, 2024

Using inexpensive materials, this hands-on workshop will introduce the concepts and methods needed to create a strong sense of dimension and likeness in your portrait drawings. Explore the proportions and planes of the head, neck and shoulders. Learn how to create a structural foundation and how to easily manage anatomy by breaking down forms into simple geometric shapes. Instruction will address different strategies for creating a finished tonal portrait as well as tips and tricks that will help you draw like a pro!
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: RA Friedman
Cost: $195
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

April 27, 2024

Capture the active life of the city and its rich architecture. This is an excellent workshop for anyone who wants to learn to sketch on the bus or train, in caf├ęs and public parks, or while traveling abroad. Topics include perspective, gauging proportions by eye, gesture figure drawing, and methods for simplifying form. All levels welcome.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Frederic Kaplan
Cost: $115
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"In-Class Workshop Charcoal and Pastels"
August 26-27, 2024

Learn how to draw figures, and how to make expressive drawings by participating in this 2-day intense workshop with Mashiul. Students will have the opportunity to learn from short dynamic gestural poses to long poses of a life model.
Location: Marietta, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Mashiul Chowdhury
Cost: $275
Sponsor: Susquehanna Art Workshops
Website, email, 717-314-9551


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