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"What We Learn From Vincent: Still Life"
Tuesdays, August 3, 10, 17, 31, 2021

There are so many things that we can learn when we study other painters. When we look at the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh, we can explore color, composition, perspective and form. His creative force continues to be an inspiration to the entire world. Royce Deans and Tali Farchi have spent years studying the work of Vincent and visiting many of the locations that he worked. They have much to share.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Royce Deans and Tali Farchi
Cost: $175.00
Sponsor: ArtisTTable
Website, email, 231.883.1681

"Pre-College: Drawing for Comics"
August 9-13, 2021

In this course, students will be taught cartooning basics, studying drawing and inking techniques using a variety of professional tools. They will also be taught the language of sequential art (comics). Students will write a story based on real life or imagination, then design characters and environments to be used as they transform that story into a short-form comic. The course will utilize the online learning platform Canvas, and includes videos, lectures and assignments with regular instructor feedback, as well as live chat via Zoom. Students have the option of taking this class for 1.0 college credit or no credit. International students are welcome!
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Jeff Kilpatrick
Cost: $400
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"3 techniques to sketch Italy (Online)"
August 9-11, 2021

Learn fun sketching techniques before your next trip to Italy (or anywhere around the world)! This unique workshop will explore varies sketching techniques and styles. With just a few simple tools, you’ll learn how to sketch stylishly, loosely and more intuitively! You’ll be amazed with what you can create after taking this workshop.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Shuang Li
Cost: $249 for 9 hours
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713

"What We Learn From Vincent: Portraits and People"
Tuesdays, September 7-28, 2021

If we study the work and life of Vincent Van Gogh we find a most interesting, complex and caring person. He cared deeply for people and longed to express that desire in his paintings his entire life. In this class we will look at his portraits and self-portraits as well as how he used figures in his landscapes. Royce Deans and Tali Farchi your instructors for this class have made it a priority in their own work to learn every thing they can from Vincent.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Royce Deans and Tali Farchi
Cost: $175.00
Sponsor: ArtisTTable
Website, email, 231.883.1681

"Abstract Expressionism – Online Painting Workshop"
September 8 - October 26, 2021

A course for Self-Expression. Self-Exploration and Fun! Online 8-week, guided independent study painting course. Structured exercises offered weekly. We use Zoom for our weekly critiques. Class time is 2-hours. 8-week series. Tuesdays, 10 am Hawaii time (Other possible day can be arranged) How it works: New painting exercises are introduced each week. I'll explain the exercises and record the classes. Students complete their paintings on their own time and we will meet 1x/week for shared critique and feedback. Choose whatever painting medium you prefer. I suggest acrylic on paper or canvas. I'll send a materials list. The size of the artwork will vary, depending on your personal setup at home. Limited class size. All levels are welcome!
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Abbie Rabinowitz
Cost: $280-400 (sliding scale)
Website, email, 808-657-8108

"Rendering the Invisible Visible for US and Canada"
September 8 - December 15, 2021

Our live online art classes offered via Zoom are a unique mix of art history/theory lectures, painting, and discussions that will help you take your art to the next level. This 12-week workshop has been designed around this pandemic and of course, the stories arising from such a life-mind-altering situation. Do we agree that art is more than the mere representation of the surroundings, so we can finally accept rendering visible the invisible? We are currently reshaping our perceptions, rethinking our behavior to give birth to a new personal narrative. Knowing that creativity comes from everywhere and everything, the purpose of this online course is to help you fully express these new stories, using the painting medium of your choice.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Prof. Yves M. Larocque
Cost: US$300
Sponsor: Walk the Arts
Website, email, 800-611-4789

"Anatomy for Figurative Artists"
September 13 - November 1, 2021

Alicia N. Ponzio is an experienced figurative sculptor and instructor, as well as the former director of Anatomy and Ecorche Programs at the Florence Academy of Art. She has taught artistic anatomy extensively to 2D and 3D artists as well as at Pixar Studios and The University of Calgary Medical School. This course is designed to offer students information that applies directly to their artistic practice and furthers their understanding of the landmarks we often discuss in figurative art classes. Alicia will provide a lecture and demo each week, using pencil sketching and clay and delve deeper into the structure with slides. Students may engage in discussions related to the class and Alicia will offer critiques.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Alicia Ponzio
Cost: $600 (not including fees); $300 without critiques
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"The Traveler’s Creative Sketchbook"
September 24, 2021

Ready to travel again? I know I am! Join me for this online workshop as we learn an exciting new way to bring your past travels home and prepare to enjoy future travel. Creating a travel sketchbook can enhance one’s experience and connection to this new world of exploration. Students will come home from their next trip with less photos, less stress and possibly some new ideas to incorporate into their everyday life and work. This class includes drawing, painting and writing, but no airport hassle, lost luggage or experience is necessary to learn Jane’s favorite Travel Sketchbook techniques!
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Jane Barton
Cost: $95 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Short Introduction to Drawing"
TBD (to be determined by your availability)

Short Introduction to Drawing provides an opportunity to try different techniques for creating contour drawings and bringing them up to life with colors. This 3-session workshop, held via Zoom, is provided by ARTiClass by Agora Gallery - a contemporary art gallery located in Chelsea NY since 1984. Learn or improve your drawing skills from the extremely talented and experienced instructor, Kinga Brassay, while interacting & getting encouragement from other art lovers from all over the world! In addition to enjoying our professional standards and friendly easy to use website, our graduates can join our online community, be awarded with the gallery's representation benefits and may be elected for the 2021 ARTiClass competition.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Kinga Brassay
Cost: $199
Sponsor: ARTiClass by Agora Gallery
Website, email, 212-226-4151


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