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"Dancing Entrepreneur Innovative Visionary Business Class"
March 4-18, 2020

Calling all entrepreneurs, visionaries with heart and those getting started with their business! Join us for a class where we dance between worlds, weaving within the traditional and feminine framework of a business plan to create a vision aligned with your values and create a 16-card deck for inspiration for your business, as well as a full-color 8-page book. We hope you will join us!
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Shiloh Sophia with Mary MacDonald
Cost: $295 or 3 pay of $100
Website, email

"Online Art Mentoring-Customized Drawing, Painting and Mural Painting"

The Online Art Mentorship is a long distance learning from the comfort of your home at the time that most suits your needs. You will be able to practice drawing, painting and/or mural painting at your own pace, getting systematic instructions and feedbacks on the art project you are working on. Note that, because of the nature of the one-to-one mentoring, each student will be taken great care and time in personalised critiques and lessons. This is a most affordable and time flexible learning practice which requires self-discipline and commitment. The students will need to be open to work under guidance and critique to be able to reach goals and experience art technique and creativity improvement.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Valeria Latorre
Cost: £150 or £250 per month
Website, email, 00393664977501


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