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"Alla Prima Portrait Painting Workshop"
June 26-28, 2020

Professional portraitist and instructor Joanne Mehl offers a 3-day workshop that intensively develops fundamental skills of Alla Prima Portrait Painting. From blocking in a quick and accurate drawing, to mastering warm / cool balance to create lifelike flesh tones, participants will develop the skills for creative evocative portraits. We'll first cover methods for measuring and seeing proportions and alignments in the initial phase of “laying in” the portrait. Then we'll focus on subtle color changes within light and shadowed areas, and how to express them while maintaining the value pattern for stronger form and design. We'll also explore advanced techniques such as using hard and soft edges to accentuate form, and using brush strokes to create structure and interest.
Location: Portland, Oregon
Instructor: Joanne Mehl
Cost: $375
Sponsor: Oregon Society of Artists
Website, email, 503-720-8248


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