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"Celebrating Wildlife in Oil"
December 8-12, 2020

Starting with an outline of field study and reference gathering, Guy will guide you through the process of building a composition, while sharing his inspiration and knowledge of East Africa. Although there will be reference provided for the class to follow a demonstration painting, he will encourage you to bring in photos of animals or landscapes that have special meaning to you. The demonstration will follow clear steps toward the completion of an oil painting, through image transfer, underpainting, glazing and final rendering of considerate detail. Throughout the workshop Combes will be happy to answer questions about how he markets his work, and how he uses his art to raise awareness and funds for the conservation causes he is involved with.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Guy Combes,
Cost: $685 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Animals, Figures and Backgrounds"
December 14-17, 2020

Over four days, students will breathe life into their paintings by going outside the lines and “getting loose” with their techniques. Each day will begin with a demonstration, followed by plenty of painting time with lots of individual attention from Kim. She will focus on helping students gain confidence painting the human/animal form or portrait, upgrade their ability, and learn to be more analytical of their own paintings. Techniques will include painting shapes and the application of paint with correct values, leaving lost and found edges for interest and movement, and integrating the foreground with the background to make a cohesive painting.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Kim Johnson Nechtman,
Cost: $420 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Dancing Crabs (Online)"
December 17-18, 2020

In this workshop you will paint crabs in the direct approach to watercolor that I have developed over the last 35 years. I will share my approach of painting from background to foreground, allowing the subject to emerge gently and slowly from the page. I will cover paint application, fluidity of water, and saturation of pigment. There will also be discussion about painting with vibrant color, point of view, strong composition, and center of interest/intent. There is a step by step process and no one will get lost. I will demonstrate each step for 10-15 minutes and allow ample time to finish before proceeding. The class is interactive, so participants will be able to ask questions and get feedback.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Carol Carter,
Cost: $178 for 2 sessions of 3 hours
Sponsor: French Escapade
Website, email, 510-483-5713

"Bringing Animals to Life"
February 1-5, 2021

Building your artistic arsenal while bringing an animal to life is both joyful and powerful. Through daily demonstrations, examples and individual attention, this five-day workshop will enhance your ability to develop and execute paintings that will bring animals to “life.” Most importantly, you will leave with a better awareness and understanding of seeing, drawing and painting in general, while building a deeper appreciation of ways to breathe spirit and personality into the characters that populate your paintings. Bill will address the keys to both artistic and technical growth that will apply to all facets of your work, while bringing greater joy to the process, and improving your result.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: William Suys,
Cost: $680 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Painting the Dog as Fine Art"
February 22-25, 2021

Dogs are front and center in this dynamic workshop. If you are looking to up your game, this is the class for you. Several live animals participate to inspire and inform your efforts. There will be plenty of demos but everyone jumps right in on the first day with fun, mind-altering exercises. You won’t even know you’re working but results will be apparent as each day we build on previous work. You will fall in love with a “modified” limited palette as it will quickly move you forward preparing you for a full complement of color on the last day. There’s never a loss of fun and laughs while getting some serious work done.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Johanne Mangi,
Cost: $525 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Capture Ecuador with Kristy Kutch"
March 8-20, 2021

Ecuador is incredible: highlands, snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Under the guidance of this experienced tour company, visit Inca markets and stay in historic haciendas (with modern amenities.) The Galapagos Islands, 600 miles west of South America, are the crown jewel of the natural world. They offer a fantastic range of unique creatures. Staying aboard the magnificent cruise ship M/V Santa Cruz, participants will enjoy the guidance of a naturalist, plus options for hiking, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat tours. Since the Galapagos are environmentally protected, some art media are not allowed. Colored pencil and graphite pencil are permitted and encouraged. Kristy Kutch, an experienced instructor and author, will guide the group in sketching and capturing these unique experiences.
Location: Quito, Galapagos Islands
Instructor: Kristy A. Kutch
Cost: $8,550 per person
Sponsor: Explore Amazing Places
Website, email, 623-888-1314

"Techniques and Composition for Dramatic Wildlife Painting"
March 15-19, 2021

Discover approaches and techniques for creating dynamic wildlife paintings. Beginning with an abbreviated lecture on the principles of design and composition and the fundamentals of painting and how they translate into dramatic wildlife paintings, Dustin will then guide students through the process of creating a wildlife work from concept to completion — each day focusing on a fundamental aspect of the process. Techniques for overcoming the limitations of reference photography and using reference and field studies to realize the student’s idea, understanding form, design, and color to create drama as well as introducing painting techniques that will enhance one’s work are just some of the vital components of wildlife painting that will be covered in this workshop.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Dustin Van Wechel,
Cost: $635 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Modeling the Horse and Other Animals"
April 19-22, 2021

Students will have the option of choosing the animal they would like to sculpt from dogs and cats to horses and wildlife. Students will learn fast, effective armature building, and Rod’s techniques for modeling heart and souls into their animals. Rod’s known for his expressive animal sculptures, based on solid proportions, but not derived from extensive math or measuring. All reference will be from photos, models, and studying other art. Students can expect to finish a medium-sized clay model, suitable for bronze casting during the week. Rod Zullo, Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, has years of experience teaching sculpture. Many of Rod’s students have advanced in their careers because of his mentoring and enthusiastic approach to living as an artist.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Rod Zullo,
Cost: $675 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Desert Animals in Sculpture"
May 20-22, 2021

In this workshop Paolo will share with you the process and techniques used in sculpting desert animals. In addition to the basic sculpting fundamentals, such as finding forms, basic block ins, anatomy and proportions, we will take time to study the animals we are sculpting. Discussing their environment, behaviors, and life span. All of these things can play a huge role in the shape and character of an animal. Understanding these things can give personality to the sculpture and help bring it to life. Students are encouraged to bring reference material if they want to sculpt a particular animal. Paolo will also have references available. All clay and tools will be provided and students will be able to keep the tools.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Paolo Acuna,
Cost: $315 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Koi Joy"
July 9-11, 2021

Are you mezmerized and joyed by the incredibly beaurtiful, ballet-like motion, fluidity and grace of Koi? Come truly express yourself with David Lobenberg's bright colors and new and exciting paint application techniques You will use everything from stencils and pipettes to conte crayon and chalk markers to bring your Koi to life with curving and bending motions which convey these graceful creatures. David’s watercolor paintings can be found in private, public, and corporate collections across the country. His work has been featured in American Artist, Southwest Art, and American Art Collector magazines and several others.
Location: Bend, Oregon
Instructor: David Lobenberg
Cost: $495
Sponsor: Art in the Mountains
Website, email, 503-930-4572

"Online Art Mentoring-Customized Drawing, Painting and Mural Painting"

The Online Art Mentorship is a long distance learning from the comfort of your home at the time that most suits your needs. You will be able to practice drawing, painting and/or mural painting at your own pace, getting systematic instructions and feedbacks on the art project you are working on. Note that, because of the nature of the one-to-one mentoring, each student will be taken great care and time in personalised critiques and lessons. This is a most affordable and time flexible learning practice which requires self-discipline and commitment. The students will need to be open to work under guidance and critique to be able to reach goals and experience art technique and creativity improvement.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Valeria Latorre
Cost: £150 or £250 per month
Website, email, 00393664977501


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