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"The Essence of Scenery and Impressionistic Approach - in Studio"
October 1-3, 2018

Academically trained master watercolorist Vladislav Yeliseyev (Vlad) will show you how to quickly capture the essence of the scenery with dynamic and powerful impressionistic approach. The artwork’s main message must be heard loud and clear and Vlad will show you how it is done in watercolor. Vlad is a professional drawing and watercolor teacher at Renaissance School of Art and he knows how to make progress with his students. It does not matter if you are the beginner, intermediate or advanced level because his method of teaching is through an individual approach. Vlad developed color mixing techniques specifically tailored for his students so their journey to fine arts would be enjoyable and effective.
Location: Stevensville, Maryland
Instructor: Vladislav Yeliseyev
Sponsor: Chesapeake Fine Art Studio
Website, 410-200-8019

"Finding The Soul of Forgotten Materials"
October 4-7, 2018

Experiment with innovative and intuitive ways of creating a variety of structures and forms using organic, found and recycled materials. During this workshop students are invited to think about shapes and forms that hold particular interest and bring these ideas to the workshop. We will look at alternative construction methods using wire, screws and basic woodworking techniques to assemble our forms and we will also learn how to sculpt and shape carving foam, which is the armature for each sculpture.
Location: Snow Hill, Maryland
Instructor: Geoffrey Gorman
Cost: $675 USD
Sponsor: Cullowhee Arts
Website, email, 828-342-6913

"Nihonga: Then And Now"
November 12-16, 2018

In this course students will reinterpret nature’s deep imagery and essence employing matter from nature itself, within a limited palette. Paint, ink and home-made gesso will be made from inorganic and organic sources including pine soot, shells and earth minerals. Natural metallics will be introduced for warmth and depth. These arcane processes have been employed for thousands of years on cave walls, screens and scrolls, and aboriginal works. A variety of drawing, painting and collage techniques will be covered to cultivate individualized expression. This meaningful, process-driven, ecological (non-toxic, water-based) work truly nurtures the heart and spirit.
Location: Snow Hill, Maryland
Instructor: Judith Kruger
Cost: $885 USD
Sponsor: Cullowhee Arts
Website, email, 828-342-6913


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