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"Portrait & Figurative Painting"
Wednesdays, September 22 - December 8, 2021

Join renowned realist painter and PAFA alum Fred Danziger from his studio via Zoom for this live portrait and figurative painting course! Whether working from good photo sources or a live model, the essential elements of figurative realism remain the same: composition, color, and accurate representations of light, form, and space. Demonstrations will address effective set up of workspace, palette, and lighting; choosing a good photo source; and both grisaille underpainting and alla prima painting techniques. Students will work independently from a willing family member model or photo references, with individual critiques from the instructor. Aspects of the portrait will be emphasized – such as hair, hands, and obtaining a good likeness. Additional resources will be available through Canvas.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Fred Danziger
Cost: $350
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"Constructing a Painting in the Studio Setting"
Thursdays, October 7-28, 2021

In this online course, Joseph will take you through his process of constructing a painting from start to finish. Each day’s session will focus on one or two aspects of his painting process. Topics such as concept and subject matter generation, to explanation of materials, to the actual painting process will all be discussed and demonstrated. Students will be encouraged to work along with Joseph using reference that he will provide. Joseph will discuss what makes a good story, how do you decide what to paint, and how do you get the proper reference to work from. This will be an interactive class and students will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the process.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Joseph Lorusso
Cost: $400 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Figure Drawing"
Thursdays, October 28 - December 9, 2021

Learn to draw the human figure with Roberto Osti, noted artist, educator and author of the just released Dynamic Human Anatomy: An Artist's Guide to Structure, Gesture, and the Figure in Motion! Practice a variety of fundamental figure drawing approaches while working from photographic references. Proportion, anatomy and methods of measuring will be emphasized. Media and techniques include graphite on white paper, charcoal on white paper, charcoal and chalk on toned paper, reduction methods, and the trois crayon technique. Gain confidence in your representation of the human form and handling of materials as you draw alongside the instructor during live Zoom sessions.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Roberto Osti
Cost: $225
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"From Seen to Scene: A 365 Day Mentorship Program"
November 4, 2021 - November 4, 2022

Hosted by the Tucson Art Academy Online, this unique program combines a four-part modular system with guidance, feedback, and mentorship for an entire year…. a wonderful opportunity at a great value!! Study with California-based artist, Randall Sexton, who is nationally known for the color and expressive brushwork in his paintings of “everyday” scenes. This course is designed to encourage artists at all levels to explore new ways of seeing the world around them, to recognize the potential subject matter in everyday scenes, and how to translate that into paintings that share one’s unique vision. The success of any painting relies on a solid understanding of the basic principles of picture making in tandem with your creativity and passion.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Randall Sexton,
Cost: $695
Sponsor: Tucson Art Academy Online
Website, email

"Head Study of a Model in Costume"
February 2-5, 2022

This 4-day online workshop will focus on painting a model in costume and is designed for painters who have already had basic figure drawing and painting experience but would like to continue improving their craftsmanship and visual language. Instructor will be doing painting demonstration during the first week’s meeting; during the following three weeks, students will be asked to work on assignments using the same reference photo provided by the instructor. There will be individual critiques in front of the group during each week’s meeting, along with a short problem-solving demonstration by the instructor. Overall, students will be learning a painting process broken down to three steps, beginning with block-in and color relationships to the final adjustments of the finished painting.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Huihan Liu
Cost: $400 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Self-Portrait Photography"
TBD (to be determined by your availability)

Self-Portrait Photography provides the opportunity to explore the different ways to utilize self-portrait as a means of expressing yourself and gain tools for creating compelling self-portraits. This 2-hour meeting, held via Zoom, is provided by ARTiClass by Agora Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea NY since 1984. Learn or improve your self-portrait photography skills from the extremely talented and experienced instructor, Josefina Moran, while interacting with other art lovers from all over the world! In addition to enjoying our professional standards and friendly easy-to-use website, our graduates can join our online community, be awarded with the gallery's representation benefits and may be elected for the 2021 ARTiClass competition.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Josefina Moran
Cost: $25
Sponsor: ARTiClass by Agora Gallery
Website, email, 212-226-4151

"Creative Watercolor Portraits - Online Program"

Discover how to draw and paint the portrait in this online, access anytime program for a full year. Enjoy lessons that include how to mix skin tones, diagram the face, focus on capturing the eyes, as you paint through 5+ step-by-step portrait lessons. Plus enjoy live paint-along webinars and a group Facebook page for sharing. Join now to save with Cindy's Holiday offer.
Location: Web-delivered (Online)
Instructor: Cindy Briggs
Cost: $297
Sponsor: Cindy Briggs Art
Website, email, 541-420-9463


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