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"Drawing the Portrait: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach"
August 8-11, 2018

This workshop embraces a cross-disciplinary approach to drawing the portrait. Using classical methods relied on by artists for centuries, you will alternate between drawing and sculpting from life. This approach to visualizing, understanding, and representing the human head will accelerate your learning and confidence. A portion of each day will be spent working from a live model to create finished drawings in graphite and charcoal. In addition, you will spend time working on a 3D clay head study; focusing on proportion, generalizing shapes, and identifying plane changes. These sculptural exercises will help you to better draw anatomically correct and proportional features. Leave this workshop with a set of new skills and tools to analyze and perfect your future work.
Location: Fish Creek, Wisconsin
Instructor: Kate Borcherding
Cost: Members: $525, Non-Members: $565, includes clay and model fees
Sponsor: Peninsula School of Art
Website, email, (920) 868-3455

"The Secrets to Natural Light Portrait Photography"
August 17-18, 2018

Take your portrait photography to the next level in this hands-on workshop. With a focus on naturally lit portraits, learn how to view and interpret light in relation to the figure, guide your subject, and infuse each image with content. Through lectures, guided exercises, and discussions, this workshop will address historical and contemporary trends in portraiture, adapting to different times of day and filters of light, interacting with and guiding your subject, candid vs posed or stylized approaches, and scouting locations. You will shoot on location with models and fellow classmates as subjects. An understanding of your DSLR and manual mode are required.
Location: Fish Creek, Wisconsin
Instructor: Rebecca Kames,
Cost: Members: $240, Non-Members: $265
Sponsor: Peninsula School of Art
Website, email, (920) 868-3455

"The Alla Prima Portrait"
August 27-30, 2018

Learn how to make convincing, sensitive portraits that are true to life through a coherent, analytical approach to painting. Fundamentals of portrait painting using oil paints will be emphasized, but more specifically you will focus on learning to see and understand visual phenomena. Through demonstrations and personal critiques, Philip will introduce a variety of topics, including creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, value understanding based on the effects of light, color mixing, edge manipulation, and cranial structure. Using a simple step-by-step process, you will paint one six-hour portrait each day. This workshop is designed for painters with experience in oil, however artists with less experience who prefer to work in grisaille are encouraged to participate.
Location: Fish Creek, Wisconsin
Instructor: Philip Salamone,
Cost: Members: $510, Non-Members: $550
Sponsor: Peninsula School of Art
Website, email, (920) 868-3455

"Alla Prima Clothed Figure and Portrait Painting"
September 17-21, 2018

This class is about painting a clothed model alla prima (wet into wet) and the techniques used to create a fresh, direct response to our subjects. We’ll spend some time on the whole figure and also the head/ features of the face. On the first morning there will be a demonstration, then the class will paint from the model. Students will learn to look at the head and figure and see it in terms of large, overall basic shapes with three simple values: light, dark and mid tone. This helps us to paint our subjects with greater clarity and directness. This class will be particularly helpful to students who wish to paint more loosely and to paint their subject with greater economy.
Location: La Pointe, Wisconsin
Instructor: David Shevlino
Cost: $810
Sponsor: Madeline Island School of the Arts
Website, email, (715) 747-2054


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