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"Electro-Etching Steel Jewelry"
November 6-7, 2021

Mild steel is a wonderful metal for jewelry. It is inexpensive, easy to work, lightweight, and tough. Electro-etching is a safe and inexpensive way to add texture and pattern to metal. Day One: Learn the basics of using mild steel. We’ll go over three types of “resists” to apply patterns: hand-drawn designs directly on the metal, laser-printed patterns, and adhesive backed vinyl. You’ll electro-etch your pieces in a salt water solution using batteries or a bench-top power supply. Day Two: Create jewelry from your etched steel with Deb available to help, or etch more pieces. We also introduce etching steel texture plates for a rolling mill. Finally, explore patinas and methods to seal your pieces.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Deborah Donaghue
Cost: $255.00
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, 608-987-3292


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