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"Painting in the Dutch Landscape"
June 16-23, 2024

Many of the Dutch painters were influenced by the light in the flat countries. In June we will meet in Zwolle, the Netherlands and the surrounding which is in the area of the Overijssel north-east province. Not only painting and sketching are in the program, but also stone carving, Monotype and print workshops, and exciting local stuff that a regular tourist won't be able to see or do, as Tali Lives here. She is very involved in the "Arty" scene and will introduce you to artists, places, landscapes, private gardens, and local homes. This all-inclusive art retreat boasts delicious meals, exclusive day trips, and lots of artmaking and Plein air painting. It will be a trip you won't forget.
Location: Zwolle, The Netherlands
Instructor: Tali Farchi
Cost: 3,100$
Website, email, +31624903316

"Makers' Retreats: Linocut in Colour with Nick Morley"
November 2-9, 2024

Discover how to make linocuts in colour, using a variety of techniques. Starting with the basics of carving and printing, you will learn how to create a wide range of marks, patterns and textures to give your prints a unique look. Once you have mastered the basics, you will discover how to mix colours, control ink transparency and print in layers. You will also discover how to make beautiful colour blends to add depth and drama. Following on from the introductory sessions, you will work on your own project, with guidance from Nick, so you can explore linocut in the way you want. Nick will be on hand to give you advice and help you get the best results possible.
Location: Pau, France
Instructor: Nick Morley
Cost: 1595€ to 2695€ for accommodation + £500 tuition fee
Sponsor: Atelier Clos Mirabel
Website, email, +

"Makers' Retreats: Exploring Lino Cut with Emily Robertson"
September 6-13, 2025

Throughout the week you will be introduced to the art of lino cut printmaking with Emily Robertson. Drawing inspiration from the luxuriant, natural environment of Clos Mirabel and its surrounds, Emily will guide you in the creation of your own lino cut prints. She will demonstrate the full lino printmaking process; drawing designs, carving & printing by hand. This course is suitable for any level of experience. You will be taught techniques that can easily be used for work you can create back home, as well as ways to improve the quality and even consistency of your prints.
Location: Pau, France
Instructor: Emily Robertson
Cost: 1595€ to 2695€ for accommodation + 450€ tuition fee
Sponsor: Atelier Clos Mirabel
Website, email, +


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