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"The Monochrome Approach & Encaustic Monotypes – Santa Fe, NM"
October 23-24, 2021

This workshop offers artists the opportunity to explore and develop ideas while using black ink, graphite, charcoal and carbon. When working monochromatically contrast is increased and subtle tones become clearer. Color is no longer a distraction and you can focus on the overall composition. This process allows for more expressive mark making and control while painting. What you lose in not having color, it’s gain in quality of composition, form and tone, as well as the ability to communicate mood and atmosphere in a totally different way. Color may be applied later if desired. We follow CDC guidelines, ages 18+, max 6 and min of 3 people per class. All levels welcome. Registration & Information Email me at:
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Instructor: Jorge Luis Bernal
Cost: $350.00
Sponsor: Encaustic Art Institute
Website, email, 301-821-3999


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