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"Woven Stitch Collagraph Book"
July 17, 2020

This workshop will focus on a unique combination of collagraph printmaking – a form of collage – and book structures. Printing plates will be produced with collage and hot glue to create free-flowing designs. There are tremendous opportunities to experiment with textures with this unpredictable, in a good way, method. The plate design is very versatile and durable for continued print runs, providing enough prints for two or more books. The multi-signature book structures will be constructed with open-spine woven stitches, creating a color block effect on the spine. The content will include multiple image repeats from the colllagraph process. These will be manipulated with water media and color pencil to individualize the pages.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Helen Shafer Garcia
Cost: $160
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Encaustic Monotype: India ink Graphite and Carbon Workshop"
July 18-19, 2020

This workshop offers artists the opportunity to explore and discover new shapes and ideas while using a “Monochrome Approach.” Mark-making expressions (gestural marks) help direct the artist to focus on process-oriented abstraction using patterns and emotions as a source of inspiration to create a narrative. To begin, we explore the line, negative space and expression through a series of directed exercises using India ink, charcoal and graphite. We then look and discuss the power of color to convey and communicate meanings and content. This workshop will offer discussions/demos, studio painting time, as well as individual critique concerning your own personal direction in your art making.
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Instructor: Jorge Luis Bernal
Cost: $395.00
Sponsor: Encaustic Art Institute
Website, email, 505-989-3283

"Tangle Philly: A Retreat of Creative Mindfulness"
August 7-9, 2020

Most people can name a specific moment in their lives when something changed it forever. For artists and writers, we agree that learning and creating in community has enriched our lives in so many different ways. We have experienced fun, personal, mental and emotional life-changing growth. Around the world, we explore adding Zentangle to our mixed media art and use it as an opening exercise in our writing practice. It is intentional, abstract art and a safe place to create, even when you aren’t an artist. Conscious Creations Art Studio, in Exton, is the home of Philly Area Zentangle® (2012) This retreat weekend promises to enlighten, broaden skills, and enhance your creative spirit.
Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Cost: $500.00
Sponsor: Conscious Creations Art Studio
Website, email, 484-889-8668

"Art of the Picture Book"
August 9-14, 2020

Children's books are simple. Anyone can create one, right? But looks are deceiving. Picture books are a uniquely challenging and potent art form, where both words and images work in tandem to create a story. For anyone eager to acquire or deepen the necessary skills--from inception of an idea to a working manuscript—Art of the Picture Book is an ideal opportunity. Award-winning author-illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh is the author of many titles, including Separate Is Never Equal, Pancho Rabbit and The Coyote, and The Princess and the Warrior. His latest book, Soldier For Equality, received an honorable mention for writing from the Pura Belpré Award earlier this year.
Location: Williamstown, Massachusetts
Instructor: Duncan Tonatiuh
Cost: $900- $1200
Sponsor: Buxton School
Website, email, 413 884-2110

"Rust, Dye, Stitch, Wax: Encaustic Collage"
August 19-23, 2020

We will begin by making a few of our own papers through various processes such as rust printing and eco-dyeing, then combine our papers into final works. Encaustic and paper are an incredibly versatile match and, with the addition of pigment sticks and other materials, we will create works with an optical depth, luminosity, and a painterly quality. Basics of studio safety, substrate options, painting techniques, and archival work methods will be covered. All base mediums and paints as well as eco-dye supplies will be provided, but students will be encouraged to bring a variety of found papers and other materials to use. No prior experience with encaustic painting required, but general art-making experience is helpful.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Sarah Rehmer
Cost: $700
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"The Birds and the Beeswax Book"
August 28, 2020

Let's create a beautiful mixed media collage on the cover of our gorgeous, handmade journal and embellish with metal doo-dads, ribbon, and various collage paper and found items. We'll use one of my favorite mediums: Beeswax! Not only is it a yummy-smelling, awesome medium to work with, it's also great for creating translucent and opaque layers and adhering lightweight collage items to create a unique, textured look (both physically and visually)! The insides of our pages will be watercolor paper and we'll embellish them with lace, ribbons, trims, fabric, and more to create a book bursting with color, texture, and layers!
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Nicole Austin
Cost: $160
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Upcycled Mixed-Media Collage Cards"
August 29, 2020

Create one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched cards that mix "old-timey" photos with whimsical verse. We will start by creating our own collage background papers using old paper, inks, paint, and mark making. Then we will learn how to assemble the mini-little portraits that are mounted onto 4" x 5" note cards. Use them to send an extra special message to someone you love or as a portable work of art. Materials fee includes everything needed to make 10 cards. You may bring additional paper, digital images or ephemera to use to personalize your work. Basic sewing machine knowledge is helpful but not required.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Lorraine Reynolds
Cost: $155
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Molding Paste and the Book"
August 29, 2020

Acrylic molding paste can be used to make beautiful textures and designs. The unique book covers created by these processes are quite striking! In this class students will learn and experiment with several molding paste techniques including stenciling, stamping, and scraping. Book covers are created by painting the molding paste and mounting on another piece of book board to form a cover. These covers will then be bound using a long stitch binding with a leather spine. This class will be appropriate for beginner and intermediate book binders. Students will receive personalized instruction and critique throughout the workshop.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Jacqueline Sullivan
Cost: $155
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Soul Houses"
August 30, 2020

The symbolism linked to birds goes back to the ancient world, where birds were considered to be a supernatural connection between the gods and men. In many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, birds can represent immortality. In East Indian and Christian mythologies, birds represent the soul. These soul houses are a safe haven for your hopes and dreams. This class will introduce you to the art of assemblage as you learn to construct basic house forms that have relevance and meaning in your own world. You will learn the basics of assemblage construction as well as plot a creative journey through storytelling, personal myth, and metaphor. You will take away powerful new ideas about process and art making.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Lorraine Reynolds
Cost: $150
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Cold Wax Painting from Start to Finish"
September 8-9, 2020

We will discuss the various tools and materials used in this popular medium. There will be morning and afternoon demonstrations. Students are encouraged to to have several projects started on the first day, so they can dry a little overnight for work the second day. We will experiment with texture. Students can start with acrylics, if they wish, and build up with oil and cold wax, or they can start and continue with oil and cold wax. Oil/cold wax is an exciting medium with many possibilities. My goal is for students to explore and learn to develop their own techniques.
Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Instructor: Mary Montague Sikes
Cost: $207 for Members, $230 for Non-members
Sponsor: Art League of Hilton Head
Website, email, (843) 842-5738

"Bold and Uninhibited: Oil and Cold Wax Painting"
September 25-27, 2020

Paint abstract pieces adventurously and intuitively in this three-day workshop! We'll work on oil paper and wood panels to create with joy and abandon. I'll show you all the basics as well as many of my favorite techniques. You'll explore the layering process to create richly colored and textured pieces. You'll also create quick and daring works on paper. We'll use a variety of tools to experiment with texture and layers. We'll cover preparing your panels, including with Venetian plaster for added texture. You'll learn ways to present your pieces and will leave with some finished pieces and with work in progress. Whether you're new to the medium or experienced, you'll find something in this workshop to inspire you.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Serena Barton
Cost: $430
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Fly Away Home: Creating a Mixed Media Artist Book"
October 9-11, 2020

Gather to create a book that is dedicated to the birds, insects, and the winged creatures that we all love. We will begin with texturing our pages, using gesso and modeling paste. Then we will scratch and scrape and mark our surfaces in unique ways. Next, we will add color and collage to our pages, using all my favorite techniques and my nature-based stencil designs, and make our own stamps. Lastly, we will add our focal points and details that will make our pages sing, including hand stitching and some more detailed mark making. We will use a very simple technique to bind our pages into a single artist book that tells your own unique story.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Roxanne Evans Stout
Cost: $440
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Abstract Landscape and Nature-Based Painting with Oil and Cold Wax"
November 5-8, 2020

This 3 1/2 day workshop introduces mediums including Galkyd, Galkyd Gel, and Cold Wax. The workshop blends demos with guided exercises and personal experimentation and exploration. You will gain hands-on experience using new techniques, materials, and tools. Demos will include work on paper, wood panel, and stretched linen. Individual and group discussions focus on composition, seeing and reacting, abstracted and simplified shapes, using unique and unconventional color, and unique and unconventional mark-making. Group and individual critiques offer an opportunity to share ideas and learn from others. Painting the landscape in abstract allows for individual and unique interpretation of what you see in a scene. Through distilling and simplifying the elements, your paintings become a translation of your experience.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Mark Russell
Cost: $435
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Re-Covering Your ArtFull Self: Altered Book Workshop"
November 18-22, 2020

Spend 4-1/2 fun-filled days with internationally known artist LorriMarie Jenkins, learning mixed media techniques. Transform an old book into an amazing 3-D art piece. Explore layering, adding secret doors, pockets, windows, and learn collage building tips. LorriMarie encourages you to leave “perfection” at the door and to be playful during this ArtFull event. No prior “art” experience needed! Show up with your book and your favorite images…then enjoy the journey of the Altered Book Workshop.
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Instructor: LorriMarie Jenkins,
Cost: $575 for Members | $635 for Non-Members
Sponsor: Art Center Sarasota
Website, email, 941-365-2032

"Susan kae Grant: Mapping the Unconscious: Zen Bookmaking"
August 8-12, 2021

This retreat is about the study of bookmaking as an art form, using dreams and memories to inform the content of your own unique book. In this retreat, we concentrate on using the subconscious to inspire the production of handmade artists' books that balance form and content in provocative ways. Enjoy Lake Superior, healthy, locally-sourced meals and retreat amenities, all in peaceful surroundings in the woods and on the water. Lodging packages available.
Location: Bayfield, Wisconsin
Instructor: Susan kae Grant
Cost: $675
Sponsor: Wild Rice Retreat
Website, email, 715-779-0178


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