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"Abstract Painting with Natural Pigments: Black, White, and Blue"
May 18-22, 2020

In this course students will reinterpret nature’s deep imagery and essence employing matter from nature itself, within a limited palette. Paint, ink and home-made gesso will be made from inorganic and organic sources including pine soot, shells and earth minerals. In this water-based abstract painting workshop, students will explore 3 important natural pigments in historic Asian painting: sumi ink (tree soot), gofun (shell white) and indigo suihi enogu (indigo dyed gofun). Our focus will be on creating interesting, abstract work, with an evident material presence, while celebrating the unique attributes of our storied, significant materials. Urauchi (Kozo paper backing techniques) will also be covered. All levels welcome.
Location: Snow Hill, Maryland
Instructor: Judith Kruger
Cost: $700 + $145 lab fee
Sponsor: Cullowhee ARTS
Website, email, 828.342.6913


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