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"The Contemporary Impressionist Landscape"
June 16-17, 2018

In many ways, Impressionism still defines the way contemporary landscape painters approach color. The Impressionists filled their paintings with brilliant color and created an entirely new coloristic metaphor for depicting natural light. In this workshop, you will learn the key to working with this “color-priority” system: that in order for the purer colors to serve as a stand-in for the luminosity of natural light, darker tonalities are rejected in favor of lighter-value colors. Strong value contrasts are replaced by color contrasts. Impressionists worked from life, but in this workshop, we will work from photographs, in the more controlled environment of the studio, where you will be able to absorb lessons at a comfortable pace. Suitable for oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor.
Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Instructor: Mitch Albala,
Cost: $350
Sponsor: Winslow Art Center
Website, email, 206-715-6663

"The Visual Journal"
July 21-22, 2018

The visual journal can tap valuable inner resources to discover self-guidance as an artist. The primary goal is to enhance your ability to find the inspiration, the spirit of play, and the creative flow to establish the daily practice of image making as fun exploration. We will employ practices to deepen your perception, and hone the craft of editing and expressing. Through journaling one discovers art making as an integral part of life and as an ongoing personal dialogue, giving the artist a wealth of ideas to work from in the studio. This approach is especially valuable when traveling and wishing to record memories — making the opportunity to slow down, draw! --and allow new experiences to leave a deeper impression.
Location: Langley, Washington
Instructor: Quincy Anderson
Cost: $250
Sponsor: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio
Website, email, 360.637.4690

"Plein Air Painting Workshop"
September 28-30, 2018

Mike will cover the important fundamentals of composition, color relationships, lighting, atmospheric perspective, simplification and shape design through the use of gouache. This is a great workshop for any artist that would like to learn how to capture a sense of natural and or stylized lighting/color into their work. Mike will start off the 3-day workshop with a lecture on Sunday morning and demos in the afternoon, covering color, composition design, lighting design, simplification and atmospheric perspective. Lecture will include still digital images. Day two and three will be a full session of outdoor painting. Mike will go around and give hands on instruction during the class.
Location: Langley, Washington
Instructor: Mike Hernandez,
Cost: $450
Sponsor: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio
Website, email, 360.637.4690

"Watercolor Workshop"
October 19-21, 2018

This three-day workshop will be held in my studio on Whidbey Island in Langley and will focus on painting a still life in watercolor. On the first morning I will give a demonstration of my approach to painting in this medium that I enjoy so much. I will discuss my preferred methods and materials and the importance of the fundamentals of solid drawing and composition. We will also explore the unique properties that watercolor has to offer. After a lunch break, workshop participants will begin their paintings from a still life set up. Painting will continue for the following two days. Personal attention will be given to each participant and further demonstration will be provided as needed.
Location: Langley, Washington
Instructor: James Tennison,
Cost: $375
Sponsor: Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio
Website, email, 360.637.4690


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