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"Niagara Falls- Finding your focus outdoors"
September 24-25, 2018

I often see artists confused about what to focus on outdoors. Some truly don't know where to begin painting something in front of them. A better solution is not to paint a specific subject, instead, look for 'light'. An ordinary object in the right light becomes extraordinary! When you have excitement starting your painting, you can more easily carry that through to the finished piece, instead of deciding at the finish what you can do to make the painting more exciting. Learn to find a strong composition, value pattern, and you'll learn how to work with color temperature for atmospheric effects.
Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
Instructor: J.R. Baldini, IPAP
Cost: $297.00 +tx
Sponsor: Baldini Art & Visualization Workshops
Website, email, 1.800.393.7270 in studio 9-5


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