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"Unlocking the Mysteries of Acrylic Mixed Media"
April 1-20, 2020

Texture, layers, color and materials are the words of the story your creative muse is writing. In this course you will learn the language of acrylic and mixed media, to enhance your artistic story. The world will open as you explore your authentic voice and awaken your creative soul. All skill levels are welcome, and I especially encourage new painters along with experienced artists looking to add freshness and excitement to their art. The only requirement is that you come with an open mind and create with fresh eyes as we explore unusual ways to use fabrics, tools and mediums. You will uncover the mysteries of how acrylic gels and pastes can add dimension to your mixed media work.
Location: Ballarat, Australia
Instructor: Sandra Duran Wilson
Sponsor: Fibre Arts Australia
Website, email, 505-954-4179


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