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"Cuba: Anything But Ordinary"
January 16-21, 2019

Explore with us and experience Cuba’s vibrant culture and its people. Your days in Havana will be a wonderful blend of art, music, food, vintage cars and behind the scene experiences. You’ll even venture outside the city into the beautiful countryside of Vinales Valley. We’ve invited Joan Clifford, adjunct professor of digital photography and photojournalism, to travel with our group for those travelers wishing to enhance their knowledge about the features on their smart phones. Joan will be on hand sharing tips and techniques along with a host of creative apps to help you capture those awesome travel photo’s with your phone. After spending time with Joan, your photo’s will be more than just another travel snapshot!
Location: Havana, Cuba
Instructor: Joan Clifford
Cost: $2,795 Shared, $3,275 Single
Sponsor: Arts & Cultural Travel
Website, email, 617-855-9209


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