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"Discover Japan: Watercolor Pen and Ink Art Retreat"
October 30 - November 11, 2020

Take this journey through Japan with an award-winning artist, Lorraine Watry, NWS, RMNWS, CWS, PPWS. As we travel through central Japan touring and sketching, Lorraine’s 25 years of watercolor experience will help you to develop your own style of watercolor pen and ink artwork. From light sketching to Plein air painting Lorraine will guide you by providing personalized instruction, demonstrations and group critiques. This art retreat welcomes artists of all levels. Beginner to advanced students can collaborate and encourage each other in a creative atmosphere. Tour highlights – 26 hours of Art Workshop Time, Mori Building Digital Art Museum, Private Workshop at Pigment Art Store, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Calligraphy Class and more. Guided Tour with Samurai Tours.
Location: Tokyo to Kyoto, Japan
Instructor: Lorraine Watry
Cost: $4,890
Sponsor: Samurai Tours
Website, email, 1-866-674-3918


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