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"Initiation to Neolithic Pottery & Paper Engraving in Rosa del Taro"
During all the year

Art "Atalaya la Rosa del Taro" Artists Residence. It is a process of Neolithic tradition, totally by hand without winch and cooking with direct fire. Very rudimentary technique but of great ethnographic value. With your hands and the help of beach stones, pieces of wood and bone, you can make the tools that the aborigines of the islands used for everyday use. It is an elaborated ceramics, by the procedure called of the warping, consisting of the application and stretching of successive buns, churros or colombines of mud. There is also the technique of recessing and stretching a clay pellet. The preparation of the ceramic paste is made from the mixture of different muds with degreasers (sand or volcanic ash).
Location: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
Instructor: Silverio Lopez Marquez
Sponsor: La Rosa del Taro
Website, email, 0034 619835684


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