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"Freedom in Watermedia"
February 11-14, 2019

The Freedom in Watermedia workshop is designed to help all levels of students paint intuitively, starting with no preconceived notions or outcome. The process will dictate direction as students use a variety of techniques to implement line, value, color, texture, shape, size and direction. Instruction will start with arbitrary mark making and color application, working transparent to opaque building layers using a variety of mark making tools, watercolor, gesso and acrylic. There will be regular comments and evaluation of work in progress concerning relationships between the elements and principles of design. It is entirely possible finished work may be representational, but the goal is a painting which is visually pleasing and aligned with the artist's personal aesthetic.
Location: San Diego, California
Instructor: Stan Kurth, NWS
Cost: $500 For SDWS Members, $540 for Non Members
Sponsor: San Diego Watercolor Society
Website, email, 623-533-1580

"Watercolor, 'Let it Flow'"
April 15-17, 2019

Dawn Davis at the "C Gallery on Broadway", Long Beach, CA. A signature member of the NM and KS watercolor societies, Dawn teaches design concepts and color theory, along with the fun of using lots of water and many wet into wet techniques. Refinement and sharp edges happen after layers of transparent watercolor. Inspired by nature, Dawn's many students are always grateful for her sharing, as she holds nothing back, and she is grateful beyond measure for them. All levels welcome.
Location: Long Beach, California
Instructor: Dawn Davis
Cost: $395.00
Sponsor: C Gallery on Broadway
Website, email, 505-699-7314

"Awaken Your True Creativity Retreat"
April 25-28, 2019

A weekend experience located in the beautiful central coast of California geared towards nourishing and uncovering your inner artist. Through the art of mixed media you will learn how to trust your creative intuition. I take you step-by-step in the process of learning how to combine collage, fabric, acrylic painting, layering, and found objects. I also coach you through the creative process so you don’t feel intimidated when exploring your own creativity. Mixed media art is the ideal medium to explore your creative side without the pressure of having to be artistic or create a perfect piece of art. We invite accidents or mistakes to happen, while finding beauty in imperfections. Also included: yoga sessions, lunches and henna tattoos.
Location: Cambria, California
Instructor: Lisa Agaran
Cost: Early Bird $525 | Regular $625
Sponsor: True Creativity Within
Website, email, 626-470-7278


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