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"A painting retreat. Watercolor Journaling in Lisbon"
September 1-14, 2021

Join us with Winnie Givot in Lisbon, a city of beauty, from which explorers in the 15th and 16th centuries set out to discover the world. There we will spend our days painting, drawing, and writing in our watercolor journals as we see more deeply through our art. We will be staying in newly renovated apartments in an old Portuguese building near Prac¬ła Intendente, a wonderful location in the historic city. In and around the city we will take many different forms of transport including metro, trolleys, tuk tuks, escalators, train, bus and, of course, walking. There is even an elegant 19th century outdoor elevator which carries passengers up and down between districts.
Location: Lisbon, Sintra, Obidos, Portugal
Instructor: Winnie Givot
Cost: $4600
Sponsor: Salinara - International Art Farm, Sicily
Website, email, (+39) 339 77 57 062


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