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"Painting The Figure With Expression"
September 23-26, 2020

In this class we’ll focus on figurative painting from a live model and photos. We’ll explore techniques for creating colorful, abstract patterns with a sense of movement and energy by first making a quick underpainting in acrylic, then painting into it with oil paint. For photo reference, I encourage using images with energy and motion in them, i.e. athletes, boxers, dancers, etc. Large brushes and a plastic scraper will be used to apply paint generously and to also scrape away to reveal the underlying acrylic underpainting. I’ll also be talking about edges and how blurring the line between main subject and background helps in creating an abstract pattern of forms, color and dynamism.
Location: Franklin, Tennessee
Instructor: David Shevlino,
Cost: $475
Sponsor: On Track Studios
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