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"Paint Bigger: From the Ground Up"
August 6-11, 2020

By using unconventional materials (rags, sticks, scrapers) as well as brushes we are given the opportunity to loosen our grips on what we think painting should be. Gestural movement, mark making, shape and color will all be explored and how we create a composition. This is not limited to just abstraction. Landscape- abstract landscape- how we approach a portrait all will be considered. We will however use our imaginations as a reference point. Relying on memory of place or emotions to be our guide. Content will be explored and encouraged as an intuitive and organic process. We will still our minds through morning meditations that are focused on connecting to your inner muse.
Location: Canton, North Carolina
Instructor: Lauren Mantec├│n
Cost: $1,975 includes tuition, lodging & meals; Materials fee: $25
Sponsor: Cullowhee ARTS
Website, email, 828.342.6913


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