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"Negative Painting with Watercolor"
March 23-26, 2020

Discover the exciting results of negative painting! This is a technique of painting around an object (negative space) to define it in the composition. Create interesting shapes and depth by building transparent glazes, overlapping and interlocking shapes. Build confidence in handling glazes, wet into wet, charging colors, and more. Students will develop a stronger understanding of color pigments and how they directly relate to the complex medium of watercolor. Students will benefit from daily demonstrations, friendly critiques, and one-on-one help.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Brenda Swenson,
Cost: $525 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Mastering Water Media: Acrylic and Watercolor"
April 20-24, 2020

Capturing the beauty of light through studying temperatures of light and shadow, visual movement, and value/color relationship will be demonstrated daily in this exciting workshop. The still life, landscape, sky-scape, and architectural subjects will all be focused on as well as adding figures into a painting. As a Master in the American Impressionist Society, Carr will be emphasizing the "how to's" in achieving dynamic and impressionistic paintings using painterly brushwork in both watercolor and acrylic. How to use confident, loose, and dramatic strokes in achieving dynamic paintings will be stressed throughout the week. Massing and organizing darks and lights, importance of drawing and the value sketch, atmospheric and linear perspective will also be covered.
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Instructor: Betty Carr,
Cost: $630 (not including fees)
Sponsor: Scottsdale Artists' School
Website, email, (480) 990-1422 or (800) 333-5707

"Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting"
May 1-3, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to Loosen-Up your painting style? Paint with more Freedom? Be more Spontaneous? Be more Expressive? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then my Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop is for you! I will also teach you the design fundamentals of shape, value, color, edges and center of interest. Here is some of what we’ll cover: • How to loosen up and paint spontaneously with no pre-planning • How to use big brushes and lots of juicy paint • How to paint from your heart, not your head • How to create fresh beautiful color without making “mud” • Art business information • And much more!
Location: Tubac, Arizona
Instructor: David M. Kessler
Sponsor: Tubac School of Fine Art
Website, email, 520-398-2589


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