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"Explore And Paint Croatia with Vladislav Yeliseyev"
June 3-10, 2023

Artists Dream Vacation – Croatia Painting And Cultural Tour! Be inspired by narrow limestone streets and unique baroque buildings, the endless shimmer of the Adriatic and interplay of light on the old stone buildings, mountain and valley, green hills and naked stones, fishing boats and majestic courtyards. Our itinerary will include painting and exploring old towns, fresh food market, local folklore, sparkling marinas, boat trip to one of the picturesque islands and much more! A tour of the world’s second most frequented open-air museum will definitely astound you. The fantastic views will inspire you to paint and to take photographs, and the sights that you will capture will continue to amaze you! Small group. Non-painters are welcome. Discount deadline: 11/30/2022
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Instructor: Vladislav Yeliseyev
Cost: $3390
Sponsor: Renaissance School of Art
Website, email, 941.330.6865


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