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"Workshop: Color Theory For Realistic Watercolor"
July 13, 2024. 11:00am - 2:30pm. EST

In this workshop we will review color theory and how it specifically is applied to watercolor. Works from well known artists will be studied to understand how they utilize color theory. We will then discuss additive and subtractive color theory models. Mixing colors correctly is difficult for most students and artists. Learning color theory and how to apply it correctly will demystify this process. We will have a demonstration showing how to mix tints and complimentary colors. Students will learn how to create a family of color tints and compliments. A work period provides practice time for color exercises. Beginners encouraged, all levels. Ms. Littleton, graduate of MICA, BFA, MAT, has exhibited with AWS, NWS, TWSA, IWM (After Julia Jordon).
Location: Towson, Maryland
Instructor: Jennifer Littleton
Cost: $57
Sponsor: Littleton School Of Art
Website, email, +1(410) 828-1198

"4-Day Workshop: Creating Expressive & Dynamic Watercolor"
October 21-24, 2024

Mon-Thurs Oct 21-24, 2024 from 9:30am-3:30pm. $575 Art League of OC Members, $720 Non-Members. There will be a wide variety of watercolor techniques that will be discussed and demonstrated including positive and negative painting, composition, using creative colors, glazing, charging color, and many more. Students will begin each day with a demonstration painting that will be finished before lunch. The daily demonstration will be different each day so that you will see a wide variety of subject matter and styles including landscapes, floral, stylized, and abstract. Edwards preferred method of painting is to use large brushes for most of the painting and complete the painting with a small amount of details towards the end using smaller brushes.
Location: Ocean City, Maryland
Instructor: Sterling Edwards
Cost: $575 ALOC Members, $720 Non-Members
Sponsor: Art League of Ocean City
Website, email, 410-524-9433


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